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June 14 and 15, 2022

AVENIA organizes the GEODAYS, an international business convention gathering subsurface stakeholders. The 2022 edition will take place on June 14th & 15th at the Palais Beaumont in Pau. We are delighted to meet again around new subjects which matter to all of us. A rich program: 2 days of B2B meetings, Open Innovation, conferences and thematic sessions, punctuated by times of exchanges and discoveries.
Expected B2B Mettings
Major Companies

Context: the subsurface role in the energy transition

The current context of the energy transition - implemented to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit the climate change effects - requires the review of our methods of production of raw materials and the improvement of the socio-environmental cost of the production of consumption goods. Within this framework, the subsurface industries must play a leading role on:

- The improvement of energy efficiency and the reduction in water consumption in industrial processes:
- The relocation and securing of the supply in metals, which are exploited, transformed and imported from the other side of the world. There is a need to support local productions of industrial minerals and metals to develop the technologies of the future.
- The decarbonation of industrial processes with the deployment of low carbon energies (H2, nuclear, geothermal energy, hydroelectricity, EnRi) and CO2 geological storage.

On the other hand, the climate change and the temperature rise by 2020-2030, will trigger changes in rainfall, provoking impacts on groundwater recharge, soil & subsurface stability; and consequently, on land uses & infrastructure monitoring.

Spain in the spotlight for the 2022 edition

Map Espagne

As cross-border countries, France & Spain have forged bonds of trust for years. The oldest sister-city plan between Pau and Saragosse dates back to 1960. We and our Spanish partners, both yearn to promote subsurface sectors. Spain has a great growth potential in geothermal energy, hydrogeology and subsurface storage. The Spanish subsurface, like the French one, overflows with important mineral resources. Indeed, both countries have great amounts of minerals and metals (Cu, Zn, Sb, Sn, W, Li, Nb-Ta etc.) necessary to numerous industrial sectors (automobile industry, aeronautics, telecommunication, defense, health, energy etc.). AVENIA is already involved in 4 projects/programs with Spanish partners:

- Pixil (European project), the objective is to develop new methods of subsurface seismic characterization for deep geothermal energy.
- PilotSTRATEGY (European project), the objective is to study the potential of CO2 geological storage in several European regions (among them, one in France and one in Spain).
- PYCASSO: territory program held by AVENIA, PYCASSO aims at creating a transport network and a hub of CO2 valorization and storage for industrials in South-West France and North-East Spain.
- aLiNA: Program held by AVENIA with the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region. aLiNA aims at valorizing the metals and minerals present in France and in Europe.

With this in mind, we wanted to maintain & strengthen this historic link by putting Spain in the spotlight for the 2022 edition of the GEODAYS. We are convinced that nice opportunities will arise between our two ecosystems during the next GEODAYS.

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Open Innovation room
B2B room
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Our speakers 2022 edition

Discover the speakers of the 2022 edition GEODAYS offer the opportunity to attend conferences based on highly qualified and successful speakers in their field. Here are the speakers who do us the honor of participating in GEODAYS 2021 (others to come ...)

Mr François Bayrou
M. François BAYROU
Mayor of Pau, President of Pays de Béarn and High Commissioner for the Plan
President, POLE AVENIA
Mr François Bayrou
Mme. Frédérique CHARPENEL
Mayor of soustons, regional advisor of nouvelle aquitaine, 1st vice president of communauté de communes maremne adour south coast
Mr François Bayrou
CEO & Cofounder of Celcius Energy
Patrice Bernos
M. Patrice BERNOS
Patrice BERNOS, CEO of CHEMPARC, public interest grouping
Jonatan Julien
CEO at Arverne Group and President at Lithium de France
Jonatan Julien
Mme. Monique LE GUEN
Executive Expert Mine-Geology, ERAMET
Patrick HAMOU
M. Patrick HAMOU
Director of Operations, Teréga
Geologist - Manager Exploration l’Ente Vasco de la Energía (EVE)
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GEODAYS Conferences

The GEODAYS have an international appeal and are organized around conferences and thematic sessions dealing in particular with six sectors of activity of the AVENIA cluster and innovation.

Open Innovation GEODAYS
Open innovation

Open Innovation is designed to forge links between innovators and major subsurface stakeholders. Boost your project and pitch innovation leaders from big-name subsurface markets. The meetings are confidential, qualified and organized in 30 min. sessions from June 14th through to June 15th. Submit your project for free !

BtoB Meetings
B2B meetings

Through tailored business meetings organized using an efficient matching process, you can easily meet many potential partners to develop your business in France and abroad. You can schedule up to 18 30-minute appointments to help you promote your business.

Speed Speeches GEODAYS
The exhibition

Benefit from a showcase to increase the renown of your structure, meet international stakeholders and develop your business opportunities.

6 target sectors

Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Deep geothermal energy
Deep geothermal energy
Geological storage
Geological storage
Mining & Quarries
Mining & Quarries

Partners and funders

Nouvelle Aquitaine
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