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Owing to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to cancel this year's edition of the GEODAYS.
But don't worry, we're working behind the scenes to prepare an outstanding edition for 2021.
Save the date: June 22nd & 23rd 2021

In the meantime you can find us here:

See you soon, the POLE AVENIA team

The event

Join a unique opportunity to develop your business, identify new projects and partnerships. 2 days of Exhibitions, B2B Meetings, Open Innovation, Conferences, Workshops & Business Tours (optional).


Expected B2B Mettings
Major Companies

Meet Azerbaidjani representatives
during the GEODAYS event

Map Azerbaïdjan

Azerbaijan is located in Southwestern Asia, bordering the Caspian Sea, between Iran and Russia with a majority-Shia Muslim population. Oil and Gas production accounts for 18% of Azerbaijan’s GDP. The country is expected to increase its Oil and Gas production by 2024.

Every day, 560,000 barrels of crude Oil, 68,000 barrels of condensate and 6,200 barrels of Oil products were exported. By 2023 Oil production will increase by 3 percent and Gas by 34.8 percent.

The main international player is the AIOC consortium led by BP. SOCAR is the national Oil company with 32 production sharing agreements with foreign companies.

The Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Energy is also looking for partners beyond Oil and Gas mostly in decommissioning and water management.

Thematic Villages
Start-up Zone
Conferences & Workshops
Business Tours

Our speakers
2019 edition

GEODAYS are an opportunity to attend conferences presented by speakers that are highly qualified and acknowledged in their field. Check out who presented last year’s interesting topics.

Mouhamadou Makhtar CISSE
M. Mouhamadou Makhtar CISSE
Senegal - Minister of Petroleum and Energy
Olivier PEYRET
M. Olivier PEYRET
President, SCHLUMBERGER France
Dominique MOCKLY
M. Dominique MOCKLY
President and CEO, TEREGA
President, POLE AVENIA


GEODAYS Conferences

The GEODAYS have an international appeal and are organized around sessions & workshops on business export and innovation.

Open Innovation GEODAYS
Open innovation

Open Innovation is designed to forge links between innovators and major subsurface stakeholders. Boost your project and pitch innovation leaders from big-name subsurface markets. The meetings are confidential, qualified and organized in 30 min. sessions from June 30th through to July 1st. Submit your project for free !

BtoB Meetings
B2B meetings

Through tailored business meetings organized using an efficient matching process, you can easily meet many potential partners to develop your business in France and abroad. You can schedule up to 18 30-minute appointments to help you promote your business.

Speed Speeches GEODAYS
Speed speeches

POLE AVENIA’s members present their companies in 3-minute speed speeches! Take part in a unique opportunity to discover their activities, products and services, and news projects through speed speeches. Continue the exchanges and learn more during the networking lunch. Contact us

Networking GEODAYS
Networking cocktail - June 30th (Optional)

A networking cocktail will be held on June 30th: a private “Talents & Gastronomy” gala evening in the heart of the “Nouvelles Halles de Pau” – the central market place, renovated and turned into a temple of flavors and musicality.

Business Tour GEODAYS
Business tours - July 2nd (Optional)

Discover the city of Pau, its environment and dynamic economy! Visit our ground-breaking companies in the subsurface industries by attending one of our business tours (limited number of participants).

6 target sectors

Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Deep geothermal energy
Deep geothermal energy
Geological storage
Geological storage
Mining & Quarries
Mining & Quarries