BtoB Meetings

What's in it for me ?

Make the most of the event through organized B2B meetings. Up to 18 scheduled B2B meetings in 2 days. Develop your network of national and international partners. Create opportunities for cross-sectoral know-how and technology transfer. Meet researchers, entrepreneurs and innovation leaders from major companies.


Now - May 10th

Online registration

After opening your member space, fill in your technical application and choose your participation package. Your registration will be submitted for validation by the event’s steering committee.


May 4th - June 26th

Address your meeting requests

Select the companies that you would like to meet with and address them a meeting request. You can send a message explaining why you wish to meet them.


May 4th - June 26th

Confirm your received requests

From May 4th to June 26th, you must accept or decline the meeting requests you have received.


June 26th

Receive your meeting schedule

On June 26th, you will receive your meeting schedule, including the meetings validated by both parties as well as the conferences that you have asked to attend.