Open Innovation GEODAYS

The pitch !

Open Innovation is a unique opportunity to enhance your innovation by challenging it with the biggest clients in the subsurface industry. Boost your development through a win-win collaboration. Meet high-profile innovation leaders in confidential 30-minute sessions organized in the framework of the GEODAYS, June 22nd to June 24th 2021

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OPEN INNOVATION : Why should I participate ?

Innovating Startups / SMEs / research lab:
  • Save time :
    Fill out just one application and meet several potential decision makers.
  • Boost your visibility :
    Pitch your innovation to innovation leaders and business experts – 30 min per large group.
  • Generate business :
    Launch a POC (Proof of Concept) in a few weeks instead of a few months and reach the market faster.
Large and medium-sized enterprises :
  • Extend your network of innovative startups and SMEs by expanding your prospective market :
    50 projects filed in 2019.
  • Promote your businesses & activities and advertise your business as a major player in innovation :
    500 Geodays participants and 400K people potentially impacted through our social networks.
  • Develop opportunities for teamwork and partnerships :
    Workshop for all participating innovation leaders, on how to accompany innovation.

Large accounts


Until June 17th

Phase 1

Free project submission


Until June 17th

Phase 2

Project review & meeting proposal

Until June 17th

Phase 3

Meeting validation subjected to registration. Fees


June 23th and 24th

Phase 4

30 minute meetings with major companies that you have asked to attend

Testimonials by major companies


E&P innovation officer

"The challenge is to harness technological trends from outside the company."

R&D Director - Industry - Transformation - Digital & Innovation

"Open innovation helps us identify our future partners, detect emerging technologies and anticipate our clients’ future needs."
Marion Lenoir

Partnership Manager

"In our energy transition and digital revolution context, Open Innovation is essential for innovative breakthrough solutions."
Cécile Boesinger

Responsable Research & Innovation

"Surround yourself with the best partners to meet current and future technological challenges."
Laurent Delattre

Team manager

"To offer new uses by combining them with Vallourec's skills is today at the heart of our innovation strategy"